What to bring : SOLO SHOOT

Knowing what outfits to bring with you is always a tricky choice, so hopefully you will find this little guide helpful. We always suggest that you bring 3 different outfits as it adds a fantastic variety to your shoot. It even includes a different option if you don’t want to do a boudoir style shoot.

Smart / dressed up – We all have an outfit that we paid way too much money for and have only worn once so why not bring it along. The more glitter and sparkles the better.

Smart casual – Something you feel comfortable in. That going out to dinner outfit, it’s smart enough for a city centre bistro but too casual to get onto a red carpet in Hollywood.

Casual sexiness – A plain white shirt or oversized jumper can look amazing giving your shoot a totally different look. Its something we have called “Sunday morning sexy”. Just woke up and need to grab something to throw on as you pop downstairs to put the kettle on. It’s a nice mix of sexy but still covered up. If you ever thought that you might want to try a boudoir style shoot, this simple outfit is a happy medium.

All of these images were taken during the same shoot. As you can see with a bit of careful planning when picking your outfits the images from your shoot can have a variety of different looks.

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