What to bring : FAMILY SHOOT

Here are just a few ideas on which outfits to bring for the family to get the most from your shoot. We suggest 3 outfits as this gives you a variety of styles during the shoot and lets our creative team have fun with sets and props.

Smart / dressed up – Maybe the last time you were all dressed up together was at a wedding and no one got a photo of you all together, well now is the perfect time. Dig out that dress from the back of the wardrobe, get the kids in a little suit or a floaty dress, find your husbands waistcoat (they are good for hiding a beer belly) and get glammed up.

Smart casual – The outfit you pick out for everyone for a day out and a bit of lunch somewhere. Jeans with shirts, jumpers or plain t shirts are ideal as its still a little on the smart side but with that everyday feel.

Matching / Twinning – If you look at Pintrest as much as we do you will have seen that matching outfits look really cute. We are not saying dress everyone in the same thing but subtle things such as everyone wearing the same colours can be really effective. White t shirts and jeans always has that classic feel but what about everyone in a check shirt, pastel colours or an old band t shirts ?

Casual – Everyone hanging out at home on a weekend kind of outfit. Even bringing pyjamas for everyone looks really cute. If anything we see too many unicorn onesies.

Bringing different styles of outfits means we can create more variety in your shoot. We can get those nice posed shots and also capture candid moments.

We see a lot of the same clothing here so we like to be surprised now and agin. Bring along old band shirts, super hero outfits or even get your favourite sports team involved……..we won’t judge 😉

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