Valentines Day – Do you LOVE it or Dread it….


Is Valentines day for you….Do you plan for weeks before hand the perfect gift, wine and dine or dance the night away with your loved ones….

Or do you get to the day before and have a mad rush around the shops…trying to find the perfect card, the perfect gift…everything all in one to sum up the love you feel for a partner?

It’s the biggest debate we find in social media…do we love it or dread it?

The most difficult thing is finding the right gift….do you buy flowers, roses that look beautiful for the first few days….then you realise you paid 3x the normal price an they are already dying…or do you go for chocolates…takes an hour to pick the right ones and they are gone in 30 seconds.

If you do love it, what makes you love it…do you just get caught up in the sentiment? Or is it an excuse to show off your love and you want to celebrate…there is nothing wrong with that. You may have been together a few short months or a lifetime. But this day reminds us all that love is everywhere. Families and friends around the world get to stop and see the good in everyone.

Valentines Day to us is just that. Taking a moment out of our hectic lives to appreciate what we have. An amazing partner, a fantastic family or simply irreplaceable friends.

Love is shared everyday in our studios. We create memories that last a lifetime. You wont throw them out in 5 short days when they have wilted, you wont regret the time shared and the lovely gesture you wanted to give will absolutely be appreciated.

You can bring anyone along to your Valentines Day shoot with us. We want to see our amazing studios filled with love, joy & happiness and that’s what we want to celebrate.

Why not allow our studios to be the backdrop for your amazing romantic gesture. Spending time with the one who makes everything better. We take care of everything. All you have to do is make the call.

How fantastic would it be to be organised this year…and if gifts aren’t normally you thing then make this year different.

Brownie points…..We think so!!!!


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