Try a Boudoir Shoot


A Boudoir Shoot

At Chique we believe every woman should try a boudoir shoot at least once in their lifetime. If you are considering trying a confidence building shoot, but are nervous and do not know what to expect – please read on…

Even though ‘the thought of taking your clothes off’ can be extremely daunting for the majority of women, it’s really not that frightening – we promise!

Upon arrival at Chique, you’ll be greeted by our welcoming front of house team, who will give you a cheeky glass of fizz to calm any nerves, then they will discuss your day with you. Then onto our wonderful makeup team who will make you feel a million dollars with your personalised professional makeover.


We have an extremely talented team of professional photographers, who are trained to flatter everyone’s body shape. The photographers will guide you throughout the whole process, and give you step by step instructions as to what poses and positions they think will compliment your individual shape.

If there is any area of your body you are self-conscious about, our photographers can place luxurious silks, furs and accessories over you to make you feel at ease. We also have a range of stockings, corsets, dressing gowns and boudoir props you can use to enhance the look of your photoshoot.


Our studios all have completely private boudoir studios, so it will just be you and the photographer in the room. The boudoir rooms are all completely unique and have an amazing range of furnishings and lavish backdrops, such as gorgeous king-size beds, baths filled with rose petals, chaise-lounges and vintage dressing tables.


A boudoir shoot can vary dramatically, some women prefer a subtle ‘off the shoulder’ shoot with only a little bit on show, whereas some are comfortable enough to bring full sets of lingerie and have full length body shots. Our team can create a beautiful selection of images however conservative or daring you are, there is something for everyone.

The images from your photoshoot are then fully edited and retouched then sent over to our private viewing room. You can view all your photos on the day and in our opinion this is the best bit! You get to see the amazing results of your photoshoot, and we are extremely confident that you will be over the moon with your amazing images!



At Chique, it gives us great pleasure to see women regaining their body confidence again, our vision is to create a place for normal woman to escape reality for the day and feel empowered, with something to look back on for the rest of their lives.

Why not book your Boudoir Photoshoot today?