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19 October 2021

Five reasons you should do a photoshoot with your best friend

All friendships are unique and beautiful and deserve to be celebrated. There’s no better way to do just that than a best friend photoshoot,...

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21 September 2021

Top tips to help you feel at ease in front of the camera

A photoshoot with Chique is all about making you feel amazing and create stunning photographs you can treasure. However, we know that when you...

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4 September 2021

Four essentials to bring to your boudoir photoshoot

A boudoir photoshoot with Chique is the ultimate confidence-boosting experience that will leave you feeling a million dollars. Our friendly team will be on...

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31 August 2021

On set with Chique: insight into how a professional photoshoot works

Ever wondered what a day on set of a photoshoot is like? At Chique, we offer the ultimate VIP experience that will leave you...

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18 August 2021

How a boudoir photoshoot can give you the ultimate confidence boost

If you’re searching for a way to feel empowered and uplifted – then a boudoir photoshoot is exactly what you need. Here at Chique,...

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29 July 2021

Posing inspiration for couples that will look great on camera

A couple’s photoshoot with Chique is the perfect way to capture your everlasting love for one another and celebrate the special bond the two...

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15 July 2021

How to do your make-up ahead of your photoshoot

A photoshoot with Chique is the ultimate confidence-boosting experience that will leave you feeling empowered and glowing! When it comes to getting ready for...

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2 July 2021

Top five tips to help you prepare for your photoshoot

A photoshoot with Chique is all about making you feel and look your best. However, we know that when you first get behind the...

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what to wear for your boudoir photoshoot
25 May 2021

Style inspiration: what to wear for your boudoir photoshoot

A boudoir photoshoot with Chique is the perfect way to help increase your confidence and leave you feeling beautiful and empowered. Before attending your...

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5 May 2021

Style Inspiration: What to wear for your photoshoot

When you attend your photoshoot with us, picking the right outfit can be key to helping ensure you’re looking and feeling your best. It’s...

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15 April 2021

17 family photoshoot ideas to help capture magical moments

Creating special memories with your family is so important. Here at Chique, we help capture those moments that mean the most. During one of...

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12 April 2021

11 tips for an amazing makeover shoot experience

There’s nothing more glamorous than a day spent getting pampered, posing for the camera and leaving with stunning photographs. At Chique, we’re here to...

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11 March 2021

Top five timeless poses that always look great on camera

When you first get in front of the camera, it can be a little nerve-wracking to know what to do and how to pose....

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22 February 2021

10 top tips to create the perfect boudoir photography shoot

A boudoir photoshoot is the perfect way to leave you feeling empowered and beaming with confidence. However, here at Chique we know that at...

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29 August 2020

Shots the the week #week15

This week you join me in our Sheffield studio, our flagship studio…….means I have to drive further for meetings but that’s what Zoom calls...

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23 August 2020

Shots of the week #week14

I’m back and this time we are in Leeds for our shots of the week. The Leeds studio personally holds a special place in...

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23 August 2020

Liana Lisistina : STAR CLIENT

Lets kick start this Sunday by showing off another fantastic client. Liana joined us in our Leeds studio a few weeks ago and I...

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12 August 2020

Olivia Overson : STAR CLIENT

I would like to introduce you all to Olivia, she recently joined us in our Leeds studio and even after an hours drive from...

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5 August 2020

Shots of the week #week13

Well seeing as last week blog went down so well lets get another up and running. It’s been another week of amazing shoots, lots...

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28 July 2020

Shots of the week (more like every few month) #week12

Guess who’s back 🙂 Let’s not mess about with chit chat or waffle. We are back, we are open and we want to share...

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21 May 2020

Father’s Day 2020

This year more than any has shown the importance of family. None of which can be more annoying, loveable, cute and irritating as Dads....

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18 April 2020

Jessica Groom : STAR CLIENT

If you didn’t know we have had a change to our schedule at Chique. Thursdays are now dedicated to VIP experience days, the 1st...

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5 April 2020


It’s Easter again and it’s a time that all our studio staff look forward to. It means they get a Sunday off and have...

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29 March 2020

Away Days

We are around 3 weeks into the football being cancelled. So after having already watched all the episodes of Porridge on the Iplayer, we...

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19 March 2020

Ice Ice Baby

Recently we have been seeing a lot of a babies here at Chique. We are getting a lot of cute bunbles of love coming...

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2 March 2020

Mothers days 2020 with Chique

This year why not treat her to something different rather than the last minute petrol station flowers or box of chocolates that you think...

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25 February 2020

Happy Birthday to Hull, 1 Year and counting

Well that went quickly, our newest studio is a year old !! So lets look back on the past 12 months and show off...

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31 December 2019

The last shoot of 2019 !

Over this past year we have done a lot of shoots that we have been very fond of and had some memorable moments with...

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27 December 2019

Shots of the week #week11

It really is the happiest time of year, the few days after Christmas has all wrapped up (no pun intended). So we would like...

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13 November 2019

Shots of the week #week10

It’s beginning to look like Christmas here at Chique. If you have joined us already you will have seen our amazing sets filled with...

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22 October 2019

Shots of the week #week9

If you have been keep an eye on our social media, no doubt you will have seen that we are in the full swing...

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2 September 2019

Shots of the week #week8

When you hear the collective sigh of relief from millions of parents ring out across the land it can only mean one thing……..THE KIDS...

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12 July 2019

Shots of the week #week7

In recent weeks we have done an awful lot of newborn shoots, what the heck happened around 9 months ago !! Well we had...

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12 June 2019

Shots of the week #week 6 (Fathers Day)

This week we want to celebrate Dads, they may complain about having photos taken and they may only bring one outfit change but if...

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24 May 2019

Shots of the week #week5

Once again it seems that the kids have had another half term holiday. So this weeks blog is dedicated to the some of the...

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24 May 2019

Shots of the week #week4

Well doing this every week didn’t last too long did it !! In the aftermath of the half term holidays and some studio renovations...

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19 May 2019

Shots of the week #week3

Well its been a month since our latest studio opened in Hull, call me an old romantic but lets celebrate the honeymoon period and...

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26 April 2019

Shots of the Week #week2

Two weeks into this and its already having a change around. With our 5th studio opening in Hull this last month its been easy...

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17 April 2019

Shots of the Week ! #week1

Welcome to the new shots of the week blog, where we are going to highlight a shot of the week from each of our...

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19 March 2019

Hull Studio Opening!

We are so very proud of our 5th studio…set on the banks of the River Humber this beautiful building has the most fantastic views of...

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9 March 2019

Stacey and Sarah : STAR CLIENTS

Here at Chique we don’t just want to show off boudoir shoots (even though we do a lot of it) but give you a...

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9 March 2019

Something different for MOTHERS DAY

It only happens one day a year so you might as well make it something to remember, so why not have a photo shoot...

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9 March 2019

Abbie Cooling: STAR CLIENT

A few weeks ago we were joined in our Huddersfield studio by Abbie. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday by treating yourself...

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9 March 2019

Emma Scrupps : STAR CLIENT

Well this one grabbed the heart strings of our staff and Emma graciously allowed us to share not only her images but her story...

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6 February 2019

What to bring : FAMILY SHOOT

Here are just a few ideas on which outfits to bring for the family to get the most from your shoot. We suggest 3...

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5 February 2019

Valentines Day – Do you LOVE it or Dread it….

Is Valentines day for you….Do you plan for weeks before hand the perfect gift, wine and dine or dance the night away with your...

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1 February 2019

Boudoir is for EVERYONE!

Ever looked at someones boudoir images and thought – ‘id love to but not for me….’ Well think again….Boudoir is for every gender, age...

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29 January 2019

What to bring : SOLO SHOOT

Knowing what outfits to bring with you is always a tricky choice, so hopefully you will find this little guide helpful. We always suggest...

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22 January 2019

Sophie Hinchcliffe : STAR CLIENT

Here at Chique we get to meet many fantastic people who all have a different reasons for having an experience with us. So when...

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