Style Inspiration: What to wear for your photoshoot

When you attend your photoshoot with us, picking the right outfit can be key to helping ensure you’re looking and feeling your best. It’s a really great idea to bring a selection of outfits that you have in mind for your shoot. Our team of experts will be on hand throughout the day to help you decide which looks will make the cut!

With that in mind, here’s our advice to help you pick the perfect ahead of your photoshoot with us!

Get glam

There’s no better excuse to dress up and get your glad rags on than a photoshoot with Chique. Dig deep into your wardrobe and find that outfit you’ve been itching to wear that makes you feel a million dollars. Whether it’s a brand-new dress and fancy high heels, a ballgown you’ve never had the chance to wear or a classic LBD that makes you feel great – a glam outfit is perfect to wear for your photography shoot. You’ll feel stunning, confident and glamourous! You could even do a mother & daughter session and both glam up for pictures to document a bond that can never be broken.

Play dress up

If there’s a certain celebrity, movie character or iconic era you absolutely love, why not pay homage to them in your photoshoot? Pick an outfit and accessories that showcase the classic look you’re trying to replicate and bring them along to your shoot. This is the perfect outfit to opt for if you’re looking to create a shoot that is fun and unique.

Pick a colour theme 

If you’re having a family, couples or friends shoot, you might want to pick a colour theme to ensure your outfits complement one another. You could go bold and bright with oranges and reds, classic with black and white or on-trend with pastels such as blush pink and duck egg blue. Choosing a colour theme for your outfits before you shoot will help make the photos of you all look great and will help make sure they won’t clash on camera.

Don’t forget to accessorise

Accessories are the trick to turn clothes into an outfit! Once you’ve got the clothes you want to wear, it’s time to accessorise. Bring along your stylish handbags, statement jewellery and your favourite belts so you have a selection for your shoot. Bring as many as you want and our friendly staff will be on hand to help you choose what works best for each look. Not only will accessories help bring your outfit to life, but it will also give you a prop for your shoot – meaning you can be a bit more creative with your poses!

Keep it simple

It’s true what they say – sometimes less is more, especially when picking an outfit for your photo shoot. If your outfit is too complex with multiple prints, patterns, layers etc – it can look a bit cluttered and unflattering on camera. If you’re unsure what might work, it’s a good idea to keep things simple and subtle. Opt for block colours or a one-piece outfit that will always look great on camera!

Comfort is key

When it comes to picking an outfit for you shoot, ultimately the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. If you don’t, this will show on camera and might make your photos look slightly awkward and unnatural – which is the last thing we want! Choose an outfit that you feel great in and you’re sure to look great too.

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