Sophie Hinchcliffe : STAR CLIENT

Here at Chique we get to meet many fantastic people who all have a different reasons for having an experience with us. So when our studio staff meet a client who has a story to tell we can’t help but share it, so we would like to introduce you to the amazing Sophie.

During her experience with us, Sophie had mentioned that she had struggled with body confidence issues in the past and wanted to do something about it.

“I was inspired to do the shoot as I follow a lot of body confidence/positive body image profiles on social media. As I struggled in the past with anorexia and self esteem issues, I really wanted to do something for myself where I felt beautiful”.

As I am sure you will agree that not only does she look beautiful but she rocked her photoshoot.

“I felt a lot of nerves coming into the studio, but I was at ease straight away with how friendly the team were. The photographer was so down to earth and made me laugh! So I didn’t feel as awkward”

So what does she think about the experience she had with us ?? What would her words be to anyone who is still on the fence about having a boudoir shoot ??

“I would recommend a boudoir shoot to any woman who struggles with low self esteem or low body confidence. It’s made me feel empowered and has made me want to do this whole experience over again!”

We would like to take this chance to thank Sophie for her kind words and letting us show off just a few of her many amazing images. We are immensely proud of the images we produce and as you can tell we want to show them off to the world. Not only to blow our own trumpet but so we can inspire women of all shapes and sizes to love their bodies and themselves.

Ok Ok Ok you can have one more image from her shoot…….Cheers again Sophie 🙂

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