Something different for MOTHERS DAY

It only happens one day a year so you might as well make it something to remember, so why not have a photo shoot ? Make some memories that will last longer than some petrol station flowers or a bottle of bubbly that will go flat after a few days.

Booking a photo shoot for your mum (or both of you), other half or even a grandma is a great way to spend some time together as a family or to treat her to a few hours of relaxation to herself.

The shoot could be a solo shoot so she can be pampered, a family shoot so you can all make some memories together or even a boudoir shoot…….even all 3 of those in one photo session !

We have around an hour in the studio meaning we can do a bit of everything or a whole lot of one of them. During your consultation we will find out you want your shoot and tailor it towards you.

Mother and Children – This covers all age ranges. We do these shoots on a daily basis and to us they are the most fun. We have had mums of all ages in with kids as young as 6 weeks to over 50s (yes you are still a kid at heart). We tend to do shots of everyone together but then break it down with some solos, kids together etc. Everyone pulling faces mixed with that hands on the hips attitude that kids have………and some mums as well.

Generations – Once again this can vary from shoot to shoot. Typically its 3 generations so grandparent, mum and grandchildren. I am sure we all wish we had images like this, so why not get them done on Mothers day. Again we can get shots of everyone, some solos and a few togethers such as grandparent and grandchild. I always remember seeing a huge family photo in my Nan’s house, even the dog was wearing a bow-tie.

Solo – A bit of time for mum to have by herself. I am positive she loves you all deeply but I am also sure that you get on her wick from time to time so let her have some “me time”. She will be greeted with a bucks fizz and the chance to get lost in the Chique experience for a few hours. Maybe even do a bit of boudoir ?

We can do any type of shoot or as I said all of the above in one, we can be rather efficient when we need to be.

So please do something different for the Mums this year. A time to pamper them, a time to capture some memories or even a time where she doesn’t have to put up with the day to day routine.

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