Shots the the week #week15

This week you join me in our Sheffield studio, our flagship studio…….means I have to drive further for meetings but that’s what Zoom calls are for haha

We have a hugely experienced team in Sheffield who are all at your beck and call during your time in studio. So lets show off a few images from this past week and take a look around our newly decorated sets

Swing, swing – OK I have let the cat out of the bag here. We have a swing and even though I tell most kids we can’t use it due to boring health and safety rules I took the risk for this shot. Elliot brought his gorgeous family along and they all looks super cute in this set !

Oh, you’re my best friend – We always ask for some personal touches to be added to your images and it’s not very often that we get a 5 year old Queen fan but if it means we can have Rock music playing all day we don’t mind at all

Smoke on the Water – Even though Storm Francis was howling a gale outside, Jordan made our studio the hottest place to be on a cold Friday afternoon.

So that’s Sheffield, not only do we give our clients the best makeovers but we freshen up our studios all the time as well ……….. Don’t really know why I showed it off as no doubt it will have changed by next week

Byeeee x

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