Shots of the week #week9

If you have been keep an eye on our social media, no doubt you will have seen that we are in the full swing our christmas promotions. Don’t worry we havent forgotten about the most terrifying, the scariest day of the year……..no not a Monday morning, we of course mean Halloween.

Dinoroar – In our Hull studio we like dinosaurs more than we should do and we seem to get a lot of them. Here is a little dinosaur fact, do you know what they call a short sighted T-Rex ???? a “do you think he saw us”

Sparkle and smile – Halloween isnt all about scares, spooks and screams. Why not just be the cutest little unicorn on the block !!

Good vs Evil – We have gone all out for Christmas here at Chique. These angel wings were meant to be for our festive shoots but some quick thinking from our amazing creative team turned them from Christmas prop into a evil angel

Peek a boo – Clients always catch us off guard with props and outfit choices. These guys brought pumpkins, bear outfits and masks. So we had to get a shot of a quick kiss under a mask

So halloween is just around the corner and all our studios are waiting to see your spooky outfits, your creepy masks and we may even take your tricks but most certainly any treats 🙂

Maybe in our Hull studio we might even get a visit from some clients for Goole……get it like ghoul ???

Ok, even puns im off…….spooooooooooky

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