Shots of the week #week8

When you hear the collective sigh of relief from millions of parents ring out across the land it can only mean one thing……..THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL AFTER 6 LONG WEEKS.

Over the summer holidays we have been opening our studios for kids and family days. We handed out goody bags, we ran out of caffiene based drinks several times and we did a lot of colouring in (if only our staff could stay within the lines).

So here is just a selection of the images we have produced over this time.

Wheely good – We love our big circle props in the studio. Its a huge hit with creatives and clients alike.

Flower girl – We have had princesses, superheros, footballers, dancers all join us over the past 6 weeks. Bringing anything personal to your family lets us taylor the shoot to you and give your images that personal touch.

Girls on film…..and a boy too – We can’t stop doing this film strip style of montage. We are known for our vintage style and whats more vintage that 35mm film ! Starting to feel old after that statement.

Sparkles – I am just going to leave this here.

Wait, I can expain – This family wanted a photo recreating from when their little girl was 1 year old. We couldnt do it exactly the same so through our client consultation period we got some ideas together and gave it a modern twist. This was a challenge but we love a challenge here at Chique. It took a while but the family loved it and thats all that matters to us. Bring us photos to recreate, bring us a challenge…..I dare you !

A huge thank you to the families and kids that have joined us over the summer. There were tears of laughter, tears of joy and tears in general. Its been fun and its got us even more excited for the next big family holiday………Chri……Christma…..Xma……no I can’t say it its too soon.

See you soon 🙂

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