Shots of the week #week7

In recent weeks we have done an awful lot of newborn shoots, what the heck happened around 9 months ago !!

Well we had the biggest summer heatwave since records began, there was a royal wedding or maybe just maybe people found another way to celebrate the fact that for 4 glorious weeks football ever so nearly came home !

Big smiles on little faces – Babies around the 4-6 month stage are one of our favourite ages to shoot. They are still tiny but they have started to smile and laugh……and not move around too much.

All getting involved – We have to be inventive when doing shoots for families with babies. It can look very posed just holding the little one so we have to get creative, just don’t tell health and safety.

Take it steady – This little one was only a few months old and at that age its just feeds, poops and tears. Sometimes we need to have a little break to keep little one happy. We would rather get 20 amazing shots than 100 kicking and screaming ones.

Melting hearts – When we take an amazing shot we want to share it. This is why recently we have changed up the way we use social media (that is a hint to follow us *wink wink*). This is one of those shots.

Well if those images don’t make you smile on this overcast Friday morning then I don’t know what more we can do.

We love when little ones come in, its one of the only types of shoots when all the staff want to get involved. Well apart from dog shoots…….we need to do more dog shoots……I may start a petition !

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