Shots of the week #week5

Once again it seems that the kids have had another half term holiday. So this weeks blog is dedicated to the some of the little terrors we had in the studio over the past few weeks. Bedtime – In each studio we have both a bed and a bath. Parents are amazed with how quick kids jump into the, “if only it was that easy at home” is something we hear a lot.

Flash! Ah-ah – We love when kids come dressed as their favourite superhero, princess or a unicorn (we get a lot of those). Bring dress-up outfits so we can take photos of Zippy, George and Bungle ………… showing my age there, just google it !!

Goaaaallllll – Well the football season is over now but it always look super cute to bring matching football kits for all the family, can buy a Huddersfield kit for £15 at the moment !

You’ve been Framed – Kids can sometimes get a little bit carried away in the studios with all the amazing sets and props we have on show but you just have to give in and just let them mess around.

Sibling rivalry – Even if brothers and sisters act like they hate each other I can ensure you we can get at least one photo of them looking as if they are best buddies 🙂

Furry – Its not just older kids we get through the doors here at Chique we also get an awful lot of babies too. It’s ideal to bring many different outfits for them as there will no doubt be some accidents but just in a nappy on a furry rug never fails to melt the hearts of our staff.

To make your shoot more personal why not bring along football kits, teddies, unicorn onesies, superhero costumes……anything !! Maybe spend a few hours over the weekend having a family or kids shoot. They are filled with laughs, giggles and some memories that will last forever.

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