Shots of the week #week4

Well doing this every week didn’t last too long did it !! In the aftermath of the half term holidays and some studio renovations I think you can let me off just this once.

We are taking a look around the studios again this week to highlight some of the amazing images that our creative team have produced yet again.

Hull – In our newest studio we are really lucky to have some amazing views out of the window, but this is one of our fantastic backdrops !! With a few little effects added it really brings this image to life.

Huddersfield – Being the 1st studio that we opened Huddersfield will always hold a special place in our hearts. Our photography style has changed so much and seeing new images produced in the oldest studio is always a thrill.

Leeds – We have become known for our scooter prop and I can tell you its jolly popular as well. Good job they have had the engines taken out because kids love to try and start them !!

Sheffield – Ever since one of photographers got a family of 6 on this staircase its been a bit wobbly but a little danger adds to the fun …….. right ??

Wakefield – Well I teased this a few weeks ago that we were having a little makeover in our flagship studio and this is the reason why. We couldn’t be happier with our big circle (I wont use my “its wheely good” pun again I promise).

Apart from showing off our amazing props and studios, these blogs go to show what an amazing studio team we have here at Chique. Its not just the photographers that make these sensational images. Make up artists, retouchers, managers, they all play a massive role in getting the best from everyone that comes through our door……its mainly photographers thought 😉

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