Shots of the week #week3

Well its been a month since our latest studio opened in Hull, call me an old romantic but lets celebrate the honeymoon period and show you all what we have been getting up too in the last 5 weeks.

Ball pit : We decided to change up our bath set. So instead of having the usual petals and flowers, we made it into a ball pit !

Hanging in the telephone : In this day and age no one uses a phone box anymore so we got one and covered it in flowers. It’s like stepping onto a London street but in East Yorkshire.

Beep Beep : Another change from our other studios in the scooter department. Not the normal Vespa but something with a bit more attitude. By using it as a prop we don’t have to get it sorted with a MOT so win win.

I don’t have a clever little paragraph for this but I had to show it off 🙂

Snooker Loopy : We bought a pool table ! But of course we did it differently with a stunning white and pink table. Just don’t rest your pint on it.

Ivories : If you think we got carried away with the pool table then you clearly haven’t carried a piano up the stairs. Where were the chimps from the old PG-Tips advert that day ?? They moved furniture all the time.

So thats Hull. It has been a hugely successful month and its just the start ! Even though its tucked away all by itself on the east coast all the staff have done an amazing job and we couldn’t be prouder of them. Also a big thank you to our other staff for racking up those petrol miles to lend a hand when needed 🙂

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