Shots of the Week #week2

Two weeks into this and its already having a change around. With our 5th studio opening in Hull this last month its been easy to put aside our other “outside West Yorkshire” studio all the way down there in………Sheffield.

So we are going to give you a little look into a studio thats full of surprises and never fails to produce great shoots.

Peter Pan : Our creative team always love it when kids bring fancy dress into the studios. We get a lot of Spidermen and Princess Belle but this is the first Peter Pan we have seen. Maybe we could all do with a little bit of never growing up ??

Mum and Daughter day out : Sometimes its nice just to have a few hours to escape the normal day to day so why not have a shoot for just the girls 🙂

Sexy Sunday : We are open all through the weekend and we love it when someone breaks the normal trend of a lazy Sunday and rocks our socks off with some sexy underwear and a sparkle in their eye

Sibling smiles : It can be hard to get brothers and sisters to seem as if they like each other so the best way to get around that is a pillow or a tickle fight

Mums turn now : When you come for a family shoot why not just treat yourself to one boudoir outfit ? Kick the family out and take a few moments to rock it

Tummy tickles : Father day is just around the corner so why not drag him along for a shoot. Even though most guys bring out the old “don’t like having my photo taken” line, we will get the best out of him don’t worry

Keeping it on brand : You will have seen this backdrop creeping its way into more shoots and you all seem to love it as much as we do. I am sure in no time it will be rolled out to all our studios as we have fallen head over heels for it.

So thats Sheffield, its a studio space thats constantly changing with new backdrops and props a plenty. We will show off the other studios in due course, maybe once they have had their mini makeovers…….ohhhh I don’t think I was meant to say that 😉

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