Shots of the week #week14

I’m back and this time we are in Leeds for our shots of the week. The Leeds studio personally holds a special place in my heart and ever since that M&S food hall opened over the road it also leaves a hole in my wallet……dam Percy Pigs

But being hyped on sugar means we can do shoots like this !! Join me as we take a look into some shoots from last week

Ride to Live, Live to Ride – Ohhhh it’s our scooter again, I just can’t stop using it at the moment. Nice to see that Jasmine went along with my mad idea for a pose…..Don’t mention this to health and safety

The Circle – Something a little more moody for this circle this time. With a little lighting change we can make the circle go from “awhhh that look cool” to “ohhh that looks hot!”. Had to use this set to show off Jaci’s amazing legs !

Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair – Another set I love is our “guys chair”. We don’t have a lot of masculine backdrops but this is one of my favourites. Jade made this set a lot sexier than I do when I sit down in the morning with a coffee and the paper……..its a comfy chair, I’m taking advantage of it OK !!

That’s our Leeds studio for you, its a great little studio which is constantly evolving and producing amazing images.

I won’t sign this off with “lots of love, Leeds manager” as then I definitely seem bias 😉

But ask for Leeds when booking your session (wink wink), the kettle is always on and our welcome is just as warm as the tea / coffee you will be greeted with.

Byeeeeeee x

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