Shots of the week #week13

Well seeing as last week blog went down so well lets get another up and running. It’s been another week of amazing shoots, lots of laughs and eating too many cookies in our Hull studio.

So allow us to show you all some fantastic shots and more dodgy links to song titles 🙂

Twisting by the pool – Look let’s just get this out the way, have you ever tried to look for pool or snooker based song titles. It’s Chaz N Dave’s “Snooker Loopy” or nothing so that’s the best your getting. I think you will all agree that Laura’s amazing shot makes all that rambling worth while

Blue Jean – We encourage all clients to bring something personal to a shoot. Be that an item of clothing they like, something they have seen and like the idea of etc. Vicky brought along her trusty denim jacket which is a staple of any wardrobe but it’s fair to say she looked a damn sight better in hers than I do in mine

In Neon – So what can I say about Paige. She had given birth less than 10 weeks ago but nevermind with the baby photos, this was all about her. Her personality lit up the studio and and it was a pleasure to spend a few hours with her and her beautiful family……..Don’t worry we got some baby photos as well, we couldn’t resist

Five colours in her hair – Well Necia’s hair was two colours so I couldn’t help but match that with a cool effect for her images. Good job it wasnt five different colours I don’t think I have that many effects. Necia was really nervous about her shoot but our team made her feel really at ease, as we do with all our boudoir ladies

Don’t get me wrong we love doing family shoots but there is something really special about our boudoir shoot.

If your nervous, shy or think “its not for me”…..trust me it is. You only have to do it once !!

p.s. I cant promise there will be cookies in all the studios, I have eaten most of them (yum yum) haha

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