Shots of the week #week11

It really is the happiest time of year, the few days after Christmas has all wrapped up (no pun intended). So we would like to share some of the amazing images we have taken over the past few months as part of Chiqmas (I am going to make that a thing)

Christmas Jumper – We have seen a lot of cool outfits but this one has to be a favourite of ours. Its just adorable, nothing more to say really

A bit flakey – We have really gone all out with our edits and effects this year. Our seasonal folder is stuffed fuller than a stocking on a Christmas morning…..unless you got socks and slippers like me (not that I am annoyed or anything)

Elf and Safety – Well I guess this answers the question we address most days, how many people can fit into a teepee…….I guess its 3

Naughty or Nice ?? – We havent done a huge amount of Christmas boudoir this year but a few people have loved the idea. We dug out some of our many outfits, shook off the fake snow from last year and cracked on. Getting this image as a gift on Christmas morning certainly beats my lynx body spary set

Chirstmas Jumpers pt.2 – As a work force we took part in National Christmas jumper day. We all looked majestic in our festive attire and raised some money charity. If only I could get across the ideas of band t-shirt day or football shirt day for next year…..hint hint

Props and Decorations – So with this final image Christmas is over for another year. Its time to make sure that everything is gently stored away in storage until next year and of course it wont be all thrown into the biggest box we can find and shut away in a locked cupboard……..

I want to personally thank all the amazing clients that have joined us for festive photos over the past few months (yes we started in October). Also a massive shout out to all our staff for not only helping people sort out gifts but for making some festive memories that people will never forget.

Just you wait till you see what is happening in 2020 😉

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