Shots of the week #week 6 (Fathers Day)

This week we want to celebrate Dads, they may complain about having photos taken and they may only bring one outfit change but if you are having a family shoot its vital that they get involved. So here are some adorable images of Dads doing what Dads do best e.g. messing around and cuddles. 40 winks – Sometimes we catch kids at a funny time, just between feeds or naps so we just work around that. Is there a better place to have a little snooze than on Dad.

Twins – If having to deal with one newborn wasn’t enough try dealing with two at the same time !! When Mum is getting her makeover done, Dad has to deal with the nappy changes, the tears and the feeds.

Off for a drive – As we always bang on about our scooters always get a lot of attention and thats not just from the kids…….its from the big kids as well 😉

Cuddles – We remember this little lady coming into Wakefield a few weeks ago and even though her older brothers stole the show all she wanted to do is cuddle up to her Dad.

There is always one – We couldn’t love this image anymore than we already do. We always get posed images with everyone looking at the camera but we mainly spend most of the shoot just messing around and having a laugh.

Waiting – These guys came in a few weeks ago now and maybe by this point there will be another addition to their adorable family.

So thats it for Dads. Keep doing what you do best …………… but maybe bring more than one shirt to the photoshoot 🙂

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