Shots of the week (more like every few month) #week12

Guess who’s back 🙂

Let’s not mess about with chit chat or waffle. We are back, we are open and we want to share some of the amazing shoots we have done recently.

In this first instalment we are going to show off some of the amazing ladies that have joined us in our Hull studio.

The Gambler – We all fell in love a little bit with Tracey. Her collection of shoes were outstanding. It would make Cinderella think twice about trying on those glass slippers again

Piano “Wo”man – Now there isn’t maybe places where you could end your week like this, but Lynne has shown us the light !! And there we were thinking that the double header of Countryfile and Antiques Roadshow was the most exciting thing that could happen on a Sunday

Honey, this mirror isn’t big enough for the two of us – This is Lauren, Lauren and well Lauren again. She was really nervous when she arrived for her shoot but from looking at this you wouldn’t know………missed “once, twice, three times a lady” for a title there…….dam

We love doing boudoir shoots and I think you will agree we are pretty good at them. Get booked in for one and rock our socks off !!

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