Posing inspiration for couples that will look great on camera

A couple’s photoshoot with Chique is the perfect way to capture your everlasting love for one another and celebrate the special bond the two of you share. When it comes to getting in front of the camera, we know it can initially be a little daunting and you might wonder where to start when it comes to posing.

Our friendly expert team is on hand to help throughout your photoshoot with us, but to help you get ahead of the game and prepare in advance – we’ve pulled together our top five posing suggestions for couples that will always look great on camera.

The look of love

There’s nothing more romantic than taking a moment together to look into each other’s eyes. This pose always looks great on camera and allows you to have a special moment together. To take this sweet pose to the next level and to create some intimacy, carefully rest your foreheads together, have a sweet kiss on the lips or place your hand on one another’s cheek – this will offer some differing shots and will help to show the bond between the two of you.

Let your personalities shine

A photoshoot with Chique is a great way to show off your unique personality and bond as a couple. To help that shine through on camera, have some fun with your poses! If your partner is one for always telling jokes and making you laugh – get them to do so whilst on set. This will create a natural moment of laughter between you and will look really great on camera. If your other half is always showering you with romantic gestures – incorporate this into your shoot. Have them hold a bunch of roses or present you with a beautiful gift. This will create some really natural content and will make you smile when you look back at your photos.

Have some fun!

This is the most important rule we have on our shoots! We want you to have fun and embrace the Chique experience. You’ll find your photos are much more natural and beautiful if you do, so always try to remember to incorporate some fun into your poses. Think about what works for you both as a couple and what will be fun for the two of you. Whether that’s dancing, laughing or pulling silly faces at one another – whatever it might be, as long as you’re having fun when posing this will shine through in your photos and will create really lovely images that you’ll be able to treasure forever.

Incorporate props

At all of our Yorkshire studios, we have a variety of props that are available to use and we highly recommend doing so during your shoot. Props are a great way to add another element to your photos and can help to create some unique poses. They are also really handy if you and your other half are feeling a tad nervous or awkward at first, as they give you something to focus on. Try posing with a feather boa for a sexy couples shoot, flowers for something sweet or balloons for something unique. Incorporating props will take your photoshoot to the next level and will help you with your poses.

Keep it simple

It’s true what they say, sometimes keeping things simple is the most effective. This can often be the case when it comes to posing during your couple’s photoshoot. Every love story is different and unique and we want to ensure that we capture that during when you’re on set with us. A great way to do this is by keeping your posing natural and simple. Ways to do this that always look great on camera include talking to one another, smiling at one another or laughing sweetly. This will create stunning images that will look great on camera and it won’t even feel like you’re posing!

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