Photography Studio

Photography Studio

Our Photography Studios

We have two state of the art studio locations in Yorkshire, both with a variety of stunning backdrops and unique sets along with an extensive catalogue of props for you to use for your photoshoot.

The studio itself is brand new, inventive and delivers the Chique passion at every turn. We have props like no other studio…a full size billiard table, a pink phone box filled with cascading flowers, a grand piano, the freestanding bath tub overlooking the river itself with streams of natural daylight, Neon angel wings, a bar scene… and so much more….

The glamorous world of Chique has not failed in this studio, you enter into a brilliant open plan reception are offering you the best start to your day, refreshments are served here whilst you decide what kind of look you would love us to create for you.

Some of the Chique trademarks are still on show, the amazing ‘Chique’ wall, the vesper scooter & not to forget the beautiful boudoir…however this one is slightly different!!! A white four poster bed covered with rose vines and sheer fabric stands centre stage on a forest background. The room is filled with plush furniture, animal print and spectacular views and this studio is also home to the brand new baby room, designed to make little ones feel at home and get the best possible images.

The Sheffield studio is a beautiful contemporary and interactive studio, with loads of fantastic family friendly backdrops as well as a lavish, stunningly decorated boudoir room. 

The Sheffield studio is a unique and friendly photography studio based in the heart of Sheffield. We do everything from standard portraits to those more family friendly set ups for a family shoot. We are a modern studio that believes in the old school values of a photo that shows more than it tells. We do this by creating an environment that allows you to feel comfortable and confident when you are in front of the camera, as the pictures will always be a snapshot of that moment. Our ethos is simple; we aim to give only the best service possible, and we look forward to working with you to create some lovely images.

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