Mothers days 2020 with Chique

This year why not treat her to something different rather than the last minute petrol station flowers or box of chocolates that you think she likes but you find them in a cupboard months later!

Let’s give you a few different ideas on what you could do 🙂

A shoot together – Why not book in and have a shoot of you both? It’s a great way to spend a few hours as Mum and Daughter. Mums always have room for another framed photo in the house

A shoot with her Daughter – Maybe your little girl has started a family of her own and you want them to spend the day together. Im sure they will let you join in but why not leave it to them

A shoot on her own – It would be nice to treat her to a day of pampering and generally not having to put up with your nonsense for a few hours……not spoken from personal experience of course haha

A surprise – Just grab her hand and say “come on Mum, we are off for a day out”. Bring her for a shoot and then maybe a bit of lunch and a Gin and Tonic

Just for a laugh – Its something you wont do everyday so why not do it on a day when we should all treat our Mums to a bit more love and laughter

We can’t say much right now but we have loads planned for Mothers day. So keep an eye on our social media for updates….shhhh don’t say I told anyone

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