Jessica Groom : STAR CLIENT

If you didn’t know we have had a change to our schedule at Chique. Thursdays are now dedicated to VIP experience days, the 1st of which happened a month ago (wow, it only seems like yesterday).

Ladies do boudoir for a variety of reasons, we have shot thousands of boudoir shoots over the years but every single one means something to us. If we can change you from a nervous nelly to a sexy bad-ass then we have done our job.

So let’s have a look at one of the shoots from over 1st ever VIP day.

The hello – I would like to introduce you to Jessica. She arrived for her session not really knowing what to expect. After a brew and being pampered by our team she was a lot more relaxed and willing to give anything a go

The shoot – Throughout the shoot (we will be honest) we just put the camera down and had a chat. We love to hear about what people’s interests and hobbies are. Ohhhhh with the poses we got her to do she regretted saying she was a dancer haha

The reason – “so why did you decide to do a boudoir shoot?. It’s a question we like to ask so we can tailor the shoot to the person. She wanted a confidence boost so this seemed like a way to both treat herself and get that unstoppable feeling back

The end – Jessica rocked her shoot and left through the door with her head held high. She should be massively proud of herself and we were thankful for her sharing her story with us

Why this blog at this time? – Well Jessica is also a A & E nurse and in these times we need to celebrate all the workers of our NHS. When we are back open we want to share more stories like this and just for a few hours maybe get some of these amazing key workers out of their scrubs and into something sexy

Keep an eye on our social media on how things are going and for news on the exciting things we have in store 🙂

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