Ice Ice Baby

Recently we have been seeing a lot of a babies here at Chique. We are getting a lot of cute bunbles of love coming in for shoots. So we wanted to have a look back on some little chap and chapettes that we have had in our studios over the past few years

Twining – Normally a term we use when people bring in matching outfits but in this case its a real case of twins 🙂

Pucker up – Yeah I would looked shocked as well

Having a rest – Photoshoots are hard work so sometimes you need a few minutes between shots

Up, up and away – Getting up and walking is something all new parents look forward too, then the 1st time they run off in the supermarket you long for the days when all they could do is sit up haha

We get loads of babies in for shoots and with all this self-isolation going on we are expecting a baby boom in 9 month time

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