Happy Birthday to Hull, 1 Year and counting

Well that went quickly, our newest studio is a year old !! So lets look back on the past 12 months and show off some of our amazing clients 🙂

Leeanina – Well this is one that we can’t forgot. Leeanina joined us in the studio one sunny Saturday morning. She had been through IVF treatments which sadly failed, found a new partner and was pregnant within a few months !! So she went all out (even out of clothes) for her Bump shoot as she didnt want to pass this chance by.

Nicola – This shoot happened within a few weeks of us opening and if you saw the early days of our social media for Hull we shared many images from this shoot. We wanted our boudior room in Hull to have a classic look and the feather fan wall fits the bill for sure.

Chloe – A beautiful young family joined us for a shoot but while Chloe was still in hair and make up we stole these two for a few shots to begin with. When we saw this image everyone got a bit broody, might be why we have 3 staff off on maternity at the moment ??

Bernardette – Well we still speak about her to this day. She was the coolest Auntie you could meet. We did a bit of a family shoot then she kicked them out and rocked a boudior shoot for herself. I remember hearing tears from the viewing room, I asked if she was ok and her answer was “I look f**king sexy” !!………I’m not showing you those pictures but her is one of her adorable little nephew Noah

Emma – I remember when we got the keys for the studio. It belonged to an accountants with plain white walls and blue carpets. Ideas were forming of which sets and props we could have. I think we may of been too giddy at the time and things such as “pink pool table”, “white piano” and “pink phonebox” were mentioned. 6 weeks later I walked in and they were there…….wish I had said “ride on dinosaur”

Roxie – Speaking of the pink pool table you really didn’t think I would go a full blog with showing off our star prop. We have props and sets for many different kinds of shoot in Hull but we knock boudior shoots out of the park. I wonder what the next big prop will be? Leave ideas in the comments !

Let me be the first to say a huge thank you to our staff based in Hull, you are so far away but you are always in our hearts. Also don’t forgot our other studio staff who know the M62 and M18 like the backs of their hand now.

Here is to many more years of amazing stories, stunning photos and too much time looking at the Humber 🙂

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