Emma Scrupps : STAR CLIENT

Well this one grabbed the heart strings of our staff and Emma graciously allowed us to share not only her images but her story as well.

“Last year I was told I have overian cancer and ended up haveing 3 major operations. This left me with large scar and I didnt feel comfortable in my own skin. I hoped that a boudior shoot would help me overcome this”

How did you feel leading up to your shoot ?

“I was nervous but excited so it was quite a mixed bag of emotions”

“The day was nothing like I expected, it was so much more. The staff were brilliant. The photographer (Jess) was fantastic at directing me and even showing me the poses she wanted me to do. From start to finish it was a fantastic day

After the shoot we always give you a few moments to relax and reflect on your shoot while we get your images ready. So how did Emily feel when seeing her images ?

“I couldn’t believe it was me. When it sunk it that it was I was blown away with how good the pictures were”

So do you feel more confident now and are you proud what you achieved ?

“Absolutely. I have gained back the confidence that I had before my diagnosis. My pictures showed me that I’m still the same person, yeah I’ve got a scar but I’ve also got a story to tell with it”

A massive thank you again to Emily for allowing us to share this story with everyone. This was one of those shoots that gets talked about across all our studios and one that our staff are hugely proud of.

People come to have shoots done for a number of different reasons and this variety is something that keeps us on our toes. We love a story and hopefully by sharing this one you will feel more comfortable about your shoot with us.

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