It’s Easter again and it’s a time that all our studio staff look forward to. It means they get a Sunday off and have chocolate for breakfast.

Here is a look back at some images that have an Easter / Spring time feel.

Sunshine indoors – We love our garden set at our wakefield studio. Maybe we could have a barbecue during the next staff meeting ?

Spring has sprung – Thinking about it we do have a lot of flowers in our studios. Everything from big prop flowers to rose petals (that we mainly use to throw at kids hehehe). It’s not only Morrisey who looks cool swinging flowers around

Hanging on the telephone – Another blog with another shout out to our flower filled phonebox. Try saying that after a few drinks !

Flower power – Oh I forgot to mention we have these amazing floral headbands in all our studios. We have them in various sizes and somewhere I think there is even one for newborns 🙂

Which floral outfits would you bring with you for a shoot ?

Get looking through your wardrobes, dig out those summer clothes and show us what you would bring.

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