Product Photography

Product Photography

Online retailers and e-commerce sites are always looking for a unique way to showcase their products.  Product photography has grown significantly over the last few years as the world of e-commerce continues to grow. It is no longer enough to just list a product for sale and hope that it will sell. 

You need to display your products so that they are eye-catching and appealing. Visitors are always looking for their ideal products and if you do not stand out they may try someone else before coming back to you.


There are many ways to go about creating a successful professional headshot. Some options range from the more complex and costly route involving a professional photographer and expensive studio time to the simpler options of taking self-portraits with the help of various photo editing software such as Photoshop.

Typically, you need to hire a professional photographer because your budget won’t cover the cost of the high-end cameras, lighting equipment, and other accessories that professional photographers use. And that is where Chique Photography steps in.  A pro’s equipment and expertise eliminate nuances in your photos due to limitations of amateur equipment.

We understand that stock photography sells. That is why we spend the extra time and money to create magical results for each product we shoot. Each image is captured under controlled lighting conditions using professional quality equipment.

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What is Product Photography?

Product photography is a set of photographs taken specifically to showcase or promote a product. They are usually displayed on websites, in catalogues and magazines, and in brochures. Product photography can be an art form itself — one that demands great attention to details such as lighting, background, placement, and design.

Product photography is essential to help customers visualise the product clearly. It captures the products’ features and details, making it possible to see every aspect of your product. “Poor Product Photography” information on the Internet could lead to many customers making a purchasing decision without seeing what they’re really going to get.

How Does Product Photography Differ From Regular Photography?

Product photography is a non-digital method of capturing an object in detail. Product photography is a significant step in most digital processes, creating the look and feel of products found throughout the modern world and the way people interact with them. 

Today, photography can be said to have become a very powerful tool for business and promotion. Every business, commercial product or brand requires professional photography services.

The truth is that there isn’t a big difference between product photography and regular photography. Many products are simply photographed the same way that you would photograph something else. The main differences lie in how you set up the lighting and capture your image. 

Heavy, dark shadows make for bad photos for commercial use, so it’s important to have proper lighting when shooting products. You’ll also want to make sure that there is no glare on any part of your image. 

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Who Does Product Photography?

Product photography is one of the skills of a professional photographer. Companies hire photographers to take images of their products for advertisements, catalogues, product packaging, or websites. Traditionally, photos were taken on film and then developed in a darkroom to create colour slides which were then used to make prints.

In recent years, digital cameras have been incorporated into this process. To compete in the marketing industry, global corporations have now started outsourcing photo shoots for their products to highly skilled photographers who can shoot great product images for their businesses.

The Importance of Product Images in E-commerce

The world of e-commerce is growing, and the role of product photography has grown with it. To sell products it is necessary to use product images. It can be said that the image is the main element of online shopping. It is essential to have images of the product. The more quality images you have, the better for your customer. Below are reasons why you need a product image for your online store;

It’s What The Shopper Sees First

A good product image can be the difference between winning and losing the sale. When it’s placed at the top of the page, it’s what a shopper sees first, giving you one chance to make a great first impression.

It Creates The Impression on The Buyer

Many consumers will be using e-commerce sites to purchase something online. This is where they want to see product photos and get a good feel for the product, and what it’s all about. So if you are selling online, you need reliable pictures of your products that help your buyer understand exactly what they are getting. The best product images will create a good feeling among buyers that they are getting exactly what they want, or at the very least, something very similar.

An Image Enhances The Product Description

When a product is poorly described, or additional information is required, a picture can help to solve the puzzle. This is especially important when e-commerce companies are selling items over the internet. Without a picture of what the item being sold looks like, it might be very hard to decide on whether or not you want that product. Images can also get an item desired by more people because it depicts an image more lives than words ever could.

They Boost Your Brand

Product images build trust with customers and help increase their confidence to purchase a product. By providing high-quality product images as part of your marketing strategy, you’ll improve the customer’s experience, boost sales, and preserve your brand reputation.

They Give You a Competitive Edge

Many consumers will be using e-commerce sites to purchase something online. This is where they want to see product photos and get a good feel for the product, and what it’s all about. So if you are selling online, you need reliable pictures of your products that help your buyer understand exactly what they are getting. The best product images will create a good feeling among buyers that they are getting exactly what they want, or at the very least, something very similar.

They Give You a Competitive Edge

Product images are essential in the e-commerce world because they give you a competitive edge. This could be why Amazon.com is a $100 billion company and its main competitor, Barnes and Noble, is valued at only $6.4 billion but also sells exactly the same products.

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Types of Product Photography

Product photography is an important aspect of product or e-commerce image marketing as well as for the presentation of goods to potential consumers when they visit a store or online site. Different types of product photography are used for different effects. Choosing one type over another can vastly impact your product’s marketing success. Below are some popular types of product photography shootings;

Individual Shots

Individual product photos consist of a focused shot on a product, generally with the product name in the main focus, and any extra information (brand, price, etc) in the top left or right corner. Individual shots show the item from different angles, allowing the customer to see it at a glance. These are usually “enhancements” to a larger gallery shot that’s included in the overall set.

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Group Shots

Product photography has many variations, some more useful than others. Group shots are used to show the product as part of a set, a new collection, or a group of products. Group shots can also be used to show the entire range of products within a line. Group shots can be useful for seasonal variations, changes in style, or manufacturing process standardization.

Detail Shots

Detail shots are used to show the reader a clear view of one product feature or aspect. The user can see and understand what makes that one feature or aspect important or unique. In product photography, this is very important, because all you want to do is show the users what they will get when they purchase from you. Everything else is truly unnecessary in this context.

360-Degree Shots

360-degree product photography is generally used to show the ‘whole’ of an object as it would be seen by a customer on a retail shelf. These larger, higher resolution images are often used by online retailers compared to a series of smaller images or a video. They allow customers to be able to view the detail of each angle of the product with ease and without having to click through multiple images, which makes 360-degree product photography not only effective but also convenient.

Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle shots show the product in use. These kinds of photos are ideal for showing off your product’s features since they show the product being used in a natural environment. Lifestyle shoots are where the photographer captures images of a product in real-life settings. 

These shots are used to show consumers how a product behaves and interacts with their life. Lifestyle photography is different from typical photography because it also shows things like the location of where the product was purchased and its company in real life.

Studio Shots

Photographing products within a controlled environment for use on websites is referred to as “studio” or “prop” photography. Studio shots are lit using soft (non-directional) lighting. This produces shadows and highlights that build up the three dimensional quality of the product. Using a soft light source tends to soften the colour of the product.

Ready To Hire Professional Photographers For Your Product Shooting?

No doubt, you have wondrous photos of your products on your phone, but have you considered hiring a professional photographer to capture them for your online product display?

We know it seems like a simple concept, but honestly, if you want your product to sell, you need quality photos that show the product in detail and from multiple angles. With all of the products that are on the market today, there are millions of photos of thousands of different products. That means that photos are a huge factor in buying decisions.

The Chique Photography team is ready for the job. Our product photography services cover a broad range of needs and are tailored to meet unique requirements. Book a quote today by calling PHONEXXX or filling our online form now!


Is Your Studio Able to Meet My Specific Needs?
We’re a team of award-winning product photographers and retouchers that specialise in working with manufacturers and retailers to bring their products to life in the online marketplace. Our studios meet all health and fire code requirements and offer high-tech lighting, professional studio space, quality equipment, as well as white background space perfect for macro photography.
Why Are You So Affordable?
You’ve probably worked with conventional commercial photographers and are accustomed to paying 2000-3000 pounds for a day of shooting if you’re asking this question. We know what you’re going through since we’re from the same planet. We’re going to make things a whole lot simpler for you!

Our mission is to provide high-quality service at a reasonable price. In comparison to other studios, we can provide cheap prices due to our simplified photo-taking procedure and the years of expertise of our product photographers.

 As a consequence, there is reduced overhead, which translates to lower client expenses. Over the years, we’ve perfected our speciality product photography on white backdrop service by working with hundreds of customers. However, certain things that you may be accustomed to will alter as a result of this.

Do I Need to be Located Near London to be a Client?
To collaborate with us, you don’t have to be in London! Over 90% of our customers are situated outside of the London metropolitan region. We have studios in Hull, Sheffield and Leeds. We offer excellent product photography with our purpose-built facilities for “mail order” service no matter where you are.

But if you’re in the area, give us a call to set up an appointment; we’d love to meet with you in person!

I Have a Very Large Product. Can You Shoot it?
Small, large, simple, complicated, bright, dull, one-piece, need assembly, clean, dirty, light, heavy, perishable, non-perishable… are all examples of items that may be photographed. So, you get the idea—we’re adaptable. Our studios are housed in a warehouse that is suited to handle a broad range of goods.