Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

We are defined by the images we choose to capture. Through the best photography, we seek to capture meaningful likenesses that live on for generations. Reframing moments as they are woven into the fabric of our memories keeps us connected to where we’ve been and who we are.

Portrait photography is one of the most exciting types of photography. It’s full of color, emotion, and life. A portrait tells a story about the person in the photo. What better way to capture that than with a professional photographer who knows how to properly pose people and how to make them look their best. After all – that’s what we do at Chique Photography!

Chique Photography are professional photographers who understand the importance of portrait photography and what it takes to create a lasting image. In today’s world, pretty much anyone can call themselves a photographer. But how do you know who to trust? Well, not all photographers are created equal. As Pro Photographers working out of Hull, Sheffield and Leeds we capture your memories in the most energetic way possible! 

Though our services have been remodelled around to be one of the most affordable options in portrait photography.  We still hold on to the high standards of what a professional studio would offer to their clients which is candid expressions and beautiful outdoor scenery. Get a quote today! Call PHONEXXX.

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What is Portrait Photography?

Portrait photography is a style of photography that captures the natural personality and emotions of a person. Portrait photographers experiment with lenses and angles to provide their viewers with an array of images that convey emotion. Whether they are snapping a quick shot in-between shots at an event, or capturing a child at play, portrait photographers try to see the scene through the eyes of the subject, drawing out the individual’s personality and spirit in each photograph.

A family portrait shows the emotions that run deep in one’s family relationships, and a school portrait portrays a student’s academic abilities and ambitions. Here at Chique Photography, when we meet new people, we often take note of their haircut, their height, their facial features, their body shape, clothing style, whether they wear glasses or not; all of which can be transformed into artful images with our portrait photography techniques. 

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What Does a Portrait Photographer Do?

Portrait photographers capture portraits of a subject by using various types of cameras to produce images that show the subject’s face and expressions clearly. They may choose to use a plain background or special props, such as costumes, props, or scenery. Often, they will retouch the images in software.

While it may seem like looking at people and taking pictures is just a simple task, in reality, there are many steps involved. A portrait photographer has one of the most difficult jobs in photography. From brainstorming ideas to choosing the right lighting and props, each step plays an important role in creating a high-quality photograph. 

Portrait photographers are always looking for new ways to make their pictures better. There are many different reasons why you should hire a professional portrait photographer for your next event.

What Are Different Types of Portrait Photography?

These days, there are many different types of portrait photography. The portrait was originally a photograph of a person in their best clothes taken at the studio. Once it became more economical for professionals to use film, there was also portraiture on location and in the natural environment. 

Then, in the early 1990s, the digital camera was invented and it became possible to take portraits of people outdoors without having to worry about additional lighting, like reflector boards and graduated filters.

Each type can produce a unique result and should be applied to the subject in light of their individuality. Below are the common styles;

Traditional Portraits

A traditional portrait is one that captures a moment in time, but it’s not limited to a person. A picture of your pet is still a traditional portrait because it captures the personality of your pet. Traditional portrait photography is a style of photography that has mostly been used in the past to photograph people, animals and sometimes landscapes depending on your strategy and location. 

Traditional portrait photography has many styles which include classic black and white, glamour images, colourful abstracts and more. Time usually involved in a traditional portrait shoot is about 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Lifestyle Portraits

A lifestyle portrait is a photograph of a person or group that captures their personality in a candid and relaxed setting. Posed shots can be beautiful, but moving beyond that brings out real characteristics that no one can duplicate. The best way to capture a lifestyle portrait is to have fun together as you take the photo. Looking for a lifestyle portrait? Book a quote today!

Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are similar to photojournalistic portraits in that they emphasize the surroundings rather than the subject. Environmental portrait images are somewhat more informal, and require very little setup. A person or event can be shown in an environment that’s symbolic of them. An environmental portrait is often more meaningful than a “normal” portrait, because it communicates information about the person and his or her environment.

Candid and Street Portraits

Candid portraits are taken by photographers who capture a quick moment in real time and space. Some street portraits are candid while others are composed by the photographer to create a specific look and feel. Though there are several different types of portraiture, it’s important to distinguish between candid and street portraits. 

Candid portraits are photos you take of friends or family members as they go about their normal activities — laughing, playing sports, or having a good time. Street portraits are in-the-moment shots of people going about their lives where they live. 

Street portraits tend to be snap shots that capture the moment, sometimes even with graphically interesting elements within the frame. Small gestures made by the person being photographed can make a big difference in the emotion of the picture.

Glamour & Boudoir Photography

Glamour and boudoir photography are categories of portraits that appeal to a subject’s sensuality, sexuality, and sex appeal. Boudoir photographs are meant to titillate a viewer, often to celebrate the beauty of the female form or honour the bonds of love shared between partners. Glamour and boudoir photography reflect the trend today toward more sexually charged depictions of women, even in non-erotic contexts.

Fine Art Portraits

Fine art portrait photography is a type of photography which captures your subject’s body posture, facial expression and apparel and other accoutrements. It is an elegant type of photo in which the main focus is on the subject. Artistic or fine art portraits often use unusual lighting techniques to grab attention. By eliminating shadows and hard lines, and smoothing out wrinkles in clothing, a portrait for sale will look its best. 

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Conceptual Portraits

A Conceptual portrait is a photograph taken of a person that represents something else or hints at something other than their physical characteristics. Techniques associated with conceptual portraiture include creating digital composite and montage portraits by combining multiple images into one, or creating a single image from multiple exposures. 

Another technique is using special-effects software to add non-existent elements to the scene. The results can be humorous and whimsical or realistic, depending on the intentions of the photographer. Conceptual portraits are especially popular in commercial photography.

Surreal Portraits

In a surreal portrait, the photographer creates a double exposure, superimposing a human or animal subject over a different backdrop. These portraits are not necessarily masked and leave to the interpretation of the viewer what is real and what is not. Artists and photographers utilize this as a form of art, but can also be used in marketing.

Why is Portrait Photography Important?

Portrait photography is important because it allows us to capture precious moments and share them with friends and family. It also helps us to remember people, places, and things that we otherwise might have forgotten. It can bring back laughter or tears after years of perusing old photo albums. Portraits are often more intimate than other photos taken, which allows them to be an even better way to remember the past.

Ready For Your Portrait Photography Shooting?

It’s easy to get really high expectations when you talk about something as important as portraiture. The last thing you want is to book a shoot with your favourite photographer, only to have the final results fall short of your expectations.

At Chique Photography, we believe in providing our clients with a premium product, the best customer service, and a system that keeps you connected to all of your photography needs. Our professional photographers work with you to learn about you and your family, so that they can create the most beautiful memories and portraits possible.

With a Chique Photography studio portrait photography session, we use professional lighting to capture images with depth and dimension. Your photo shoot experience is very personalized, requiring only 10 minutes of your time, and lasts for 45-minutes. We have many years of experience in the photography business and love what we do!

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What makes a photo a portrait?
A portrait is a photograph that includes the face of a person. Portraits hold special meaning as they capture someone’s personality, emotions, and character. The term “portrait” can also refer to its subject, who is the person at whom the picture is aimed.
What makes a good portrait photograph?
The ability to get close to your subject is one of the most important ingredients in a successful portrait image. Another key element is soft, diffused lighting, which wraps around the face and helps eliminate unflattering shadows. But making a photograph is more than technical knowledge and techniques; it takes imagination, and an ability to empathize with your subject.
Is a portrait just the face?
In photography, a portrait is a picture of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The term “portrait painting” refers to an art genre that has been realized since the 15th century, in history and in contemporary art, and generally requires a certain amount of skill and effort in order to always reproduce at least the likeness of a person.
What is the difference between portrait and photo?
Portrait of a photo. It is what you see when you’re looking at a face, whose focal point is usually the eyes (the most sensitive part of the human body in filming and photography, in general), a clear sign of the beginning and end of life. A photo is something that lasts only a short while before it fades away. 

You can take any photo at any time, but don’t try to use the camera’s flash to take a portrait because you’ll scare the person being photographed. Portraits are great for people who wish to preserve memories or make their faces famous, especially those who have such wonderful features.

Can a portrait be full body?
A portrait can be full-body just as easily as it can be head and shoulders. But why stop at the shoulders when you can go for legs? Full bodied characters work particularly well in the foreground, or combined with atmospheric elements to create a striking impressionistic scene.
Can I do my portrait in the studio and on location?
At  Chique Photography, we can schedule a shoot at your home or workplace in the comfort of your own location. Our goal is to create a unique and artful portrait that will last you for generations! To book your shoot, feel free to use the convenient online booking button where we can discuss details.
Will you accommodate last minute portrait requests?
No matter how big or small the portrait request, our professional photographers are here to help. With a camera for every occasion and a studio for any setting, Chique Photography is ready to capture that special moment in a photo that will last forever. Photographers are on standby, and a team of image experts are standing by to make sure your memories turn out perfect every time.