Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography has existed since the early 20th century and has become a billion-dollar industry that affects the way consumers think about clothing. This type of photography showcases clothing and other products in a beautiful and creative manner. Fashion photography has been used for decades to glamorise the clothing that is being sold.

When it comes to Fashion Photography, it boils down to capturing beauty in creative ways. It is more demanding than any other photography job because it requires so much creativity, skill and knowledge to achieve the expected results. This is why it is best to leave this aspect of your business marketing in the hands of professionals.

What is Fashion Photography?

Fashion photography is a long-established genre of photography with the main objective to create images that sell clothing and accessories. 

Fashion photography also encompasses creating advertising images, editorial and fashion stories, catalogues, book covers, editorial spreads and social media post images. These images are being created in a digital environment but are based on a traditional posing technique. 

Professional fashion photographers are employed by fashion lines, clothing companies and magazines to create images for these fashion advertisements.


Fashion photographers have evolved their craft over many years of producing imagery that satisfies the needs of consumers wanting to buy new clothing or accessories for themselves or others. 

When it comes to photography for your fashion brand, it is important you use only the best. 

Chique Photography offers a wide range of fashion and lifestyle photography services. With expertise before and after the initial photo shoot, Chique Photography will provide you with high-quality imagery that will allow you to be the dominant brand in your niche.

How is Photography Used in Fashion?

Imagery is important in any form of advertising. Fashion is one of the many industries that use imagery to showcase the latest trends and styles.

Fashion photography can be found in catalogues, magazines, billboards, and the internet. A good photo will show a model’s personality, as well as what the clothing looks like on the body. 

It is used to show what the clothing or apparel would look like in real life. It’s also used to highlight items that are being worn and where they can be purchased. It’s also used to show the style of an individual and how fashion trends are changing as well.

Photography’s role in fashion is enormous now.  In fact, it has become a vital element of the works of today’s top fashion designers.

The Importance Of Good Quality Fashion Photography

Many people don’t fully appreciate what high-quality fashion photography can do for their fashion business. A professional-looking online photo gallery is an absolute must if you want to maximise your ability to sell online. 

Below are two reasons you should have a fashion photography shoot today;

It Helps Tell the Brand Story of Fashion Brands

Good quality fashion photography is important for fashion brands. 

First of all, it helps in showing their products and second of all it also adds value to the brand. 

Fashion photography is really helpful for e-commerce businesses where customers can’t touch or try the product before buying. Therefore, good quality fashion images help in building the trust of online customers and helps in increasing conversion rate.

It is an Effective Marketing Tool

Poor photography quality is one of the killers in marketing today, especially if you want to make your product appealing to potential customers.

Whether fashion photography is used to display new clothes, or images of people dressed in branding clothing, the power of presenting the brand with a high-quality image cannot be overlooked.

Fashion photography is an effective marketing tool that, when presented to the right audience, can boost sales considerably.

What Is The Role Of a Fashion Photographer?

Fashion photographers must work closely with their clients to understand how they want their photos to look and what they want their brand to convey. 

Through photographing in many different locations and lighting schemes, a fashion photographer can best show off a client’s products and create the best possible images for them.

Below are what is required of a good fashion photographer.

A Fashion Photographer Must Create a Vision

A fashion photographer has to be able to visualise the finished photo in his or her head before it is shot. This allows them to see what needs to be done beforehand and therefore directs the shoot in a creative and productive way. 

The job of a photographer is not just about taking bright photos; it requires much more than that.

Stay True to a Brand While Reaching a Broad Audience

A Fashion Photographer may seem like a simple position—after all, all they really do is take pictures. But that’s only one part of the job. A good Fashion Photographer must not only be a good photographer, but they must also have excellent styling and creative vision. 

Fashion Photographers stay true to a brand while reaching a broad audience—a difficult task that is made easier with experience and by developing several other skills.

Connect Fashion to Culture

The Fashion Photographer’s goal is to showcase the clothing, accessories, and beauty products in an environment that will illustrate the individuality of the brand and its appeal to a specific culture. This includes both commercial and editorial work.

Capture Old Trends in New and Interesting Light

The fashion photographer’s mission is to take the clothing and the models and present them in such an appealing way that everyone wants to buy them. That requires a particular set of skills that have less to do with photography and more with artistry

A Fashion Photographer Is Primarily Responsible for Planning All of the Logistics

A fashion photographer is responsible for planning all of the logistics when it comes to photographing in the fashion industry.

They also are in charge of taking the photos for these shoots and will help guide the models and communicate with them throughout the shoot.

The role of a fashion photographer is as varied as it is exciting.

Fashion photographers must have a keen awareness of the latest trends, and an understanding of how to express them in images that will sell the clothing to their clients.

They often work with models and make-up artists; they must know how to bring out the best in both these individuals, and how to direct them when necessary.

Fashion photographers like those are Clique Photography are the creative directors of their clients, charged with inspiring their models and artists to consistently capture trendy images that appeal to the fashion industry.

Why not give Chique Photography a call today? We can be your fashion photographer.

What Is The Role Of a Fashion Photographer?

Fashion photography has been a fashion essential in the world of beauty and style for many years. These images have been used for magazine covers, advertising campaigns, and even to further the careers of some of the most well-known fashion models and their images.

Fashion photography covers all of the various forms of still photography used for depicting clothing and accessories. While much of the photography that appears in fashion magazines is computer-modified, there are several different types of fashion photography which includes:

High Fashion Photography

A high fashion photography photo shoot is detailed, structured, and artistically executed. As part of the fashion industry, it’s used to show and sell garments and accessories through editorial or advertising uses.

A high fashion photography photo shoot is equally important for both photo studios and models, as the industry strives to remain current with each passing season.

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Editorial Fashion Photography

Editorial fashion photography sometimes referred to as art or fashion editorials, are intended for use in magazines and other publications. Depending on the editorial or magazine, the subject of the photoshoot will be instructed on specific poses.

The photographer usually requires test shots before the final images are taken so shots can be chosen from those variations to create a variety of different looking images.

Street Fashion Photography

Street fashion photography is a style of fashion photography that involves the shooting of models in public places and streets as the action is taking place. Street fashion photographers will capture candid images on the streets and may even have passersby pose for them. 

Street fashion can be seen gracing the pages of Italian, French, British, Dutch and Japanese magazines and has grown big enough that there are now street fashion photo awards such as the British Fashion Awards or Vogue’s Models of The Year.

Catalogue Fashion Photography

Catalogue fashion photography is a photographic style that has been around for decades. A style that was once the main method of shooting product photos for catalogues.

The layout of a catalogue is actually very similar to an editorial fashion style photoshoot that you see in magazines, except they are showing the clothing in catalogue format with information about the garments and not just to show the garments alone.

Runway Fashion Photography

Runway Fashion photography is used to capture models that are dressed in the latest trends of the fashion world. This type of photography will make your designs look great!

Runway fashion photography needs to do two things. It must be able to showcase, in a single image, the quality and craftsmanship of the clothing. And it must be able to show clearly who the target market is for that piece of clothing. It does this by being careful in its composition, using models that are appropriate to represent that market, and choosing the lighting and props that will set the scene for each particular line of clothing.

Runway photos is an exciting type of niche photography, the pace is fast and you need to move between locations quickly as you capture hectic scenes at a fashion show.

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Lookbook Photography

Lookbook photography is focused on a model or group of models in various outfits, wearing a number of different accessories or props.

Lookbook photography is fantastic for fashion e-commerce stores as it shows the clothes from multiple angles. This makes it possible to display the different versions of a given item and greatly increase the number of clicks on your website.

Since a lookbook is used to express a particular ‘look’, you’ll need a variety of different models to achieve that.

Advertising Fashion Photography

Advertising fashion photography is an image that is used to advertise a product. The picture can be in almost any format, but the main objective is for the model and clothing to sell a product. Fashion advertising photography has been used for decades to promote fashion designs and designs by certain designers.

They are used in magazines, newspapers, television commercials, and posters. The photographer may make changes to the image, like retouching skin tones or cropping or moving an item of clothing slightly out of the frame. These images are often used as pin-up girls in men’s magazines.

Glamour Photography

Glamour photography is a type of fashion photography that focuses on showing a model’s body, usually a female model. The goal of glamour photography is to create images that are arousing and the aim is to display the sexuality, power or strength of the model.

Ready To Hire a Photographer For Your Fashion Photography?

Anyone who has ever shot fashion knows that getting the right shot requires a lot of skill and precision. You need to be able to get the lighting perfect, very fast with different tone settings. Even something as simple as a tripod can make or break your shoot. This is why it is necessary to hire the help of a professional fashion photographer.

Here at Chique Photography, we offer comprehensive packages that are both reasonably priced and designed for the mainstream fashion segment. 

Regardless of whether you wish to have an entirely new season portfolio made or just a couple of outfits photographed for a fashion calendar or your own personal album, we can assist you.

Most of our work has been shot at our studio locations in Hull, Sheffield or Leeds. Book a quote by calling PHONEXXX now or by filling our online form.

Do you keep a backup copy if I lose my photos?
A photographer’s image is worth a lot. Therefore a backup that is regular and reliable is very important. This is the reason we provide our customers with two storage places for all of your photos.
Do I have to be a model to book with you?
To be technical, every “subject” we photograph is a model. But, if you want to be a professional model or seek representation, do you need to have any plans? Obviously not. Many customers have scheduled sessions for their dating and social media accounts. Session bookings have also been made as surprise presents for loved ones. Our shots, on the other hand, are still planned, executed, posed, and edited as if they were for a portfolio or magazine.
Do I need to go shopping for a new wardrobe?
The model’s and photographer’s duty is to make clothes appear as beautiful as they possibly can. When you work as a model, you will not have a say in what you wear; the customer will. As a result, part of what we do is take your existing wardrobe and make the clothing and model seem as good as possible. 

We can assist you to mix and match anything you bring to the set, so don’t feel compelled to buy new clothes. However, if you have the resources and want to do so, go ahead and do so.