March 2020

Away Days

We are around 3 weeks into the football being cancelled. So after having already watched all the episodes of Porridge on the Iplayer, we thought we would have a look back on some images from when football families joined us in the studio. Picking up form – Just as Man United had got on a roll the season was put on hold. Most recently a 2-0 win over bitter rivals Man City had to be the highlight of the season […]

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Ice Ice Baby

Recently we have been seeing a lot of a babies here at Chique. We are getting a lot of cute bunbles of love coming in for shoots. So we wanted to have a look back on some little chap and chapettes that we have had in our studios over the past few years Twining – Normally a term we use when people bring in matching outfits but in this case its a real case of twins 🙂 Pucker up – […]

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Mothers days 2020 with Chique

This year why not treat her to something different rather than the last minute petrol station flowers or box of chocolates that you think she likes but you find them in a cupboard months later! Let’s give you a few different ideas on what you could do 🙂 A shoot together – Why not book in and have a shoot of you both? It’s a great way to spend a few hours as Mum and Daughter. Mums always have room […]

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