December 2019

The last shoot of 2019 !

Over this past year we have done a lot of shoots that we have been very fond of and had some memorable moments with clients but we saved the best till last. A proposal !! SHE – So it started out as any normal family shoot   SAID – Then a few photos of the kids together YES – Then down on bended knee and it happened !! This took a lot of planning and after Danny came and spoke […]

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Shots of the week #week11

It really is the happiest time of year, the few days after Christmas has all wrapped up (no pun intended). So we would like to share some of the amazing images we have taken over the past few months as part of Chiqmas (I am going to make that a thing) Christmas Jumper – We have seen a lot of cool outfits but this one has to be a favourite of ours. Its just adorable, nothing more to say really […]

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