May 2019

Shots of the week #week5

Once again it seems that the kids have had another half term holiday. So this weeks blog is dedicated to the some of the little terrors we had in the studio over the past few weeks. Bedtime – In each studio we have both a bed and a bath. Parents are amazed with how quick kids jump into the, “if only it was that easy at home” is something we hear a lot. Flash! Ah-ah – We love when kids […]

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Shots of the week #week4

Well doing this every week didn’t last too long did it !! In the aftermath of the half term holidays and some studio renovations I think you can let me off just this once. We are taking a look around the studios again this week to highlight some of the amazing images that our creative team have produced yet again. Hull – In our newest studio we are really lucky to have some amazing views out of the window, but […]

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Shots of the week #week3

Well its been a month since our latest studio opened in Hull, call me an old romantic but lets celebrate the honeymoon period and show you all what we have been getting up too in the last 5 weeks. Ball pit : We decided to change up our bath set. So instead of having the usual petals and flowers, we made it into a ball pit ! Hanging in the telephone : In this day and age no one uses […]

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