February 2019

What to bring : FAMILY SHOOT

Here are just a few ideas on which outfits to bring for the family to get the most from your shoot. We suggest 3 outfits as this gives you a variety of styles during the shoot and lets our creative team have fun with sets and props. Smart / dressed up – Maybe the last time you were all dressed up together was at a wedding and no one got a photo of you all together, well now is the […]

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Valentines Day – Do you LOVE it or Dread it….

Is Valentines day for you….Do you plan for weeks before hand the perfect gift, wine and dine or dance the night away with your loved ones…. Or do you get to the day before and have a mad rush around the shops…trying to find the perfect card, the perfect gift…everything all in one to sum up the love you feel for a partner? It’s the biggest debate we find in social media…do we love it or dread it? The most […]

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Boudoir is for EVERYONE!

Ever looked at someones boudoir images and thought – ‘id love to but not for me….’ Well think again….Boudoir is for every gender, age shape & size We challenge you to see your body in a new light. Allow you to love yourself again. Be bold. Be brave. Be beautiful. No rules – this is your shoot and so we do it your way. As you see from our many images we have such a variety of clients. We don’t […]

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