17 family photoshoot ideas to help capture magical moments

Creating special memories with your family is so important. Here at Chique, we help capture those moments that mean the most. During one of our family photoshoots you’ll spend the day together creating priceless memories and will leave with a selection of stunning images that capture all the smiles, laughter and love between you.

Before your shoot with us, here’s some fun and unique ideas that you might want to try to help get the most out of your family photoshoot!

Get your glad rags on

Get your family to choose their best outfit and get suited and booted especially for the shoot. This can create a stylish photo that exudes glamour and sophistication. It’s also a fun way to let you all get dressed up and an excuse to wear that dress/suit that’s been sitting in your wardrobe!

Have a laugh

You don’t always have to dress up really fancy to create a memorable photo. We often tend to find the most joy in the simplest moments, such as having a giggle with our loved ones. Try telling your kids a joke before the picture is taken to help capture a beautiful candid moment between you – it’s certainly one that you’ll look back and smile at when you see the photo.

Show your best side profile

A straight-forward yet effective idea. Instead of facing the camera head on, have your family stand together but all turn to the side for a shot that looks great on camera and offers a differing angle.

Make the most of props

Props can be a really effective way to add some life into your photoshoot. Whether it’s a fun item you can wear such as hats or feather boas or oversized sunglasses – it’s a sure way to have some fun and add a different dimension to your shoot.

Bring your pets along

Pets are just as important as any other family member, so it’s only fair that you include them too during a family photoshoot! They add another perspective to your images and will help complete your family snap.

Mark a seasonal date

Seasonal dates are the perfect opportunity for a family photo shoot. Occasions such as Christmas or Mother’s Day make the ideal time to get together and capture moments you can cherish. They’ll also make the perfect greeting card to send to family and friends!

Utilise your family name

There are loads of creative ways to incorporate your family name into the shoot. Try holding up letters, spelling them out with sparklers, or even forming them yourselves using your bodies – the more creative, the better!

Go nostalgic with a throwback

If you’re having a shoot with slightly older kids, why not recreate a classic family photo from when they were younger? Every family seems to have that one photo that they love from years ago and recreating it can be a fun and special thing to do during your family photoshoot. It will offer a ‘then’ and ‘now’ perspective to be display in your home showing how your bond as a family will always remain!

Choose a colour theme

For a simple yet effective shoot, pick a colour and have each family member coordinate their outfit accordingly. You could go bold with bright pastel colours, simple and classic such as white or go for something totally crazy and all wear stripes!

Play dress up

Dressing up can be a really creative way to add some fun into your shoot. You could pick your families favourite era or your favourite film characters – whatever you choose, this is a sure way to create a really original photoshoot that will capture some great memories.

Festival chic

If you’re a family that loves festivals, why not embrace festival chic for your photoshoot? You could put flowers in your home or create some beautiful make up using glitter! This will really stand out on camera and will show off your families flair and personality.

Share a thoughtful message

Take a whiteboard and get each family member to write a heart-felt message, then incorporate them into your shoot. Not only will this look lovely on camera, it’ll also bring the photo to life and remind you of a special day when you get to read something thoughtful from each family member.

Play ball

If you’ve got young boys who are into football – this is one for you! Grab a football and let them play with it on set. This fun activity will create genuine smiles and laughter and will let us capture a fun and playful side to your family.

Open the toybox

Getting young children to bring along their favourite toys is a great way to keep them entertained and involved in the shoot as well as creating some really genuine happy moments of them. Whether it’s a teddy bear, a doll or a toy car – it will look really sweet on camera.

Have a picnic

Not only does a hamper, picnic food and gingham picnic blanket serve as a really cute prop, but this idea means you’ll also get to eat during the shoot – a sure way to keep the kids engaged!

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