12 Popular Photoshoot Hairstyle Ideas for Women

Hairstyle Ideas for Women

Hair is often a defining feature of a person. The way one wears their hair can say a lot about them. It can also be used to express individuality and style. This is why many people are often looking for new hairstyles.

There are many different hair types, so there are many different styles for every kind of hair. There are hairstyles for thick, thin, curly, or straight hair that look great on any person with hair texture. So whether you have curly or straight locks, you will be able to find the perfect hairstyle for your unique head of hair in this article!


Hairstyles for straight hair

The first section is about straight hair. Straight hair can be styled in many ways, but the most popular is a long, sleek style. It can be worn with straight bangs or curled bangs, and it is perfect for people who want a low-maintenance hairstyle.

  • Down and Simple

The most popular hairstyle for straight hair is a simple down style. It is also one of the easiest hairstyles to do and maintain. It is best for people with thin hair that needs to be styled to make it look thicker. Different hair types require different hairstyles to suit the individual’s needs. Straight hair, for instance, is often styled simply with no fuss or muss.

Different Straight hairstyles one

  • Ponytail with a Twist

A ponytail with a twist is an easy and quick hairstyle that can be done in just a few minutes. This is a good hairstyle for a photoshoot if you have straight hair, as the look adds more volume to your hair than a simple ponytail. It also gets your hair out of your face to show your beautiful features.

Different Straight hairstyles two

  • Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is a popular hairstyle for those with straight hair. It’s a simple braid that starts at the top of the head and goes down to the nape of your neck. This hairstyle is mainly used for straight hair when the length of your hair is longer. This is a beautiful braid to wear in your hair, adding a stunning waterfall effect. 

Different Straight hairstyles three

Different hairstyles for curly hair

The second section is about curly hair. Curly hair usually needs more care because it has more volume and is frizzy than straight hair. Curly hairstyles are typically asymmetrical, so they don’t look too uniform, and they complement the volume of curly hair well. 


  • Twisted Low Chignon

Curly hair is often considered to be the most beautiful type of hair. It can be styled in various ways, and there are many popular hairstyles for curly hair. One of the most popular hairstyles for curly hair is a twisted low chignon. This is because people with curly hair tend to have thicker hair. This style helps to keep the hair held firmly into place. It’s a great style to wear to a photo shoot, along with some hair accessories like a headband or a stylish clip.

Different curly hairstyles one

  • Down and styled

If you have curly hair, you most likely have some gorgeous hair. So why not show it off. Make sure you style it with the right products like defrizz spray to avoid your hair looking less frizzy and more smooth. Here is a list of the best products for curly hair to look your best all the time.

1) DevaCurl Curl Keeper

2) Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish

3) Innersense Organic Hair Care

4) SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Different curly hairstyles two

  • Braided Bantu Knots

Some braided Bantu knot styles work well with curly hair. The Bantu knot is a protective style that will keep your curls in place and give them some extra definition. The braided Bantu knots are a great way to add more volume to your curls, and they will also help you achieve more definition in your natural curls. This style is perfect for those who want their hair to be out of their face. This hairstyle has become popular with influences such as Rihanna and Willow Smith.

Different curly hairstyles threeWoman model photo created by wayhomestudio – www.freepik.com


Styles for afro hair

There are popular hairstyles for afro hair, such as:

  • Twist out

One of the most popular styles for natural afro hair is the twist out. This style can be created by adding moisture to your hair and twisting it into medium-sized sections. The twists should be about an inch apart from one another, but they can vary depending on the desired look. There are many variations of this hairstyle that you can try if you are looking for something new. This is a good style for a photoshoot because you can design it in so many ways and make it look unique for your shoot. It’s also an excellent style to hold afro hair in place.

Types of afro hairstyles two

  • Fro Hawk

The Afro-hawk is a popular hairstyle trending in the African American community. It is created by combing the hair back into a small ponytail, twisting it up, and securing it with an elastic band. The style can be worn in various ways, depending on how high or low you want to ensure the ponytail. This is a great style to wear for your photoshoot as it just looks so stylish. Whilst holding your afro hair into place, you are still showing off a chic, sophisticated look to tie together your look for a photoshoot.

Types of afro hairstyles two Woman pink photo created by wayhomestudio – www.freepik.com

  • Puff

Afro hair is beautiful so why not puff it out and enjoy letting your hair fall free for a photoshoot. This will show the natural beauty of your hair in your photoshoot. The puffed hairstyle is usually worn with a headband, scarf, or hat to hold the style in place and give a fantastic finished look.

Many women with natural afro hair have to deal with frizzy, dry and damaged hair. The good thing is that there are some easy ways to take care of your natural afro hair.

1. Use a deep conditioner every time you wash your hair

2. Use a wide-tooth comb when detangling wet or dry locks

3. Avoid heat styling

4. Avoid using too many products on your tresses

Types of afro hairstyles three


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Hairstyles for wavy hair

Styles for wavy hair can be hard to find. This is because not all waves are created equal. Waves have different shapes and textures to look best with different hairstyles. This section will go over the different types of waves and what styles they are best suited for.

  • Half up braid

There are many ways to style your hair if you have wavy hair. One of the easiest and most common ways is by wearing it half up with a braid. You can also try braiding your hair in a french braid and then pinning the ends to the back of your head. This gives a beautiful look with wavy hair, which is great for a photoshoot.

Types of wavy hairstyles one

  • Pinned back

You can wear your hair pinned back with a headband or clip, which is a great way to show off the natural texture of your waves. This shows off your natural waves without your hair getting in the way. It also means you get to add an accessory to your hair to finish off the look.

Types of wavy hairstyles two

  • French braid

A french braid looks beautiful with wavy hair. If you want your hair to look good for a photo shoot, then this is definitely one of the best ways to go if you have wavy hair. French braid your hair to the back or the side, then pull out two pieces at the front of your hair so you can still show off those beautiful waves.

Types of wavy hairstyles three

Well, there you have it! Here are some popular, suitable hairstyles you can wear your hair to a photoshoot. These styles will leave you looking confident in yourself and your hair.

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