11 tips for an amazing makeover shoot experience

There’s nothing more glamorous than a day spent getting pampered, posing for the camera and leaving with stunning photographs. At Chique, we’re here to help you feel beautiful and confident to ensure you have an amazing shoot experience.

To help make your photo shoot as successful as possible, we’ve compiled a list of our 11 top tips that will make you have an amazing experience with us and leave with beautiful photographs you can cherish forever!

Wear what makes you feel good

We all know how much a great outfit can boost your confidence, so we recommend you come with a selection of your favourites which will help you to feel glamorous and sexy. For our Boudoir photoshoots, we have experts on hand to help you decide which look will look best on camera and will help you feel most confident.

Get glammed up

Make-up can completely transform how you feel, and during your photoshoot we want you to feel gorgeous. Make up is a sure way to help create those flawless shots and will enhance your confidence. Whether you want to go sultry and have a smokey eye or fresh faced and glowing with a pink look, our makeup artists will be available before your shoot to create the perfect look – making you camera ready!

Try a new hairstyle

When you have great hair, nothing else matters! Big and bouncy or sleek and straight, how your hair looks is a big part of a successful shoot. When we look good – we feel good, which is why we have hairstylists on hand to make sure you don’t have a strand out of place before you get in front of the camera!

Stay hydrated

Water is the best thing to keep your skin looking refreshed, so make sure you’re drinking plenty before a photoshoot. It’s also a good idea to keep drinking throughout your shoot, as you don’t want to feel faint under the bright lights! Our team will be on hand throughout the day to ensure you’re fully hydrated.

Try not to drink anything else!

We understand that a photoshoot can be nerve wracking, but it’s best to not drink more than the one complimentary glass of fizz before your shoot. This is because it can impact the quality of your photos and make you look a little flushed. Our experts are on hand to give you a confidence boost and we provide plenty of other refreshments, so you won’t go thirsty!

Choose a themed shoot

Our studios have a number of different props and backdrops to create the perfect theme for your shoot. We have everything to suit your own taste. Whether you’re going for sweet and flirty with our floral phone booth in Hull, sexy in our lavish boudoir rooms, or edgy on a motorcycle in Leeds, we will have the theme for you! You could even coordinate your outfit for the theme you’re going for.

Step away from the salon

Whilst it might be tempting to get beauty treatments before a shoot, please try to keep away from certain treatments for at least 3-4 days beforehand. Having a wax treatment may cause redness and tan can go blotchy – neither will look great on camera! It’s always best to avoid these types of treatments to ensure your photos come out as best as possible.

Strike a pose

It’s always good to be prepared, so why not practice your poses beforehand? Pose in front of the mirror and figure out what angles work best for you. This will help you feel relaxed and confident when you first come into the studio and will also give a place to start. Don’t worry, our team will be on hand to help guide you through your shoot to ensure we capture all your best angles.

Bring a friend or partner

Bringing a friend or partner along for a day in the studio is so much fun! Choose from our Best Friends photoshoots or a traditional couple shoot where you’ll get to create memories and capture stunning moments you can cherish forever. Having someone with you will also increase your confidence and help you feel more at ease – the perfect package if it’s your first photo shoot!

Remember to relax

Whilst it can be nerve-racking to be on camera, to have the best experience you can, it’s important you try to relax. We will help ease any nerves and bring out your confidence. The photoshoot is all about YOU, so if there is anything you don’t feel comfortable doing, it won’t be done!

Be yourself

During your photoshoot we want to capture you, for you! Try to just be yourself and enjoy the moments behind the camera. When you do this, you’ll be much happier with the results.

If you are ready to take the jump and have a day with all eyes on you, book a shoot with us at Chique.

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