10 top tips to create the perfect boudoir photography shoot

A boudoir photoshoot is the perfect way to leave you feeling empowered and beaming with confidence. However, here at Chique we know that at first it can feel a little daunting. Our friendly team are on hand to help you with whatever you need throughout your shoot and will ensure we capture stunning photos you’ll be able to treasure forever.

In the mean-time, we’ve pulled together our top ten tips to help create the perfect boudoir photography shoot!

Make the most of props

At Chique, we have a variety of props available that can be used within our boudoir photoshoots. Choose from large scene setting items such as a pool table or motorbike (yes, a motorbike!) or smaller more intimate pieces including feather boas and flowers. Whatever you pick it will give your photoshoot that little extra something. It will also encourage you to try out new poses and positions for us to capture. Don’t be shy, make sure you make the most of the props we have on offer in our Yorkshire studios!

Wear something that makes you feel beautiful

When you feel beautiful – you’ll feel much more confident in front of the camera, trust us! Pick an outfit that you feel most stunning and glamourous in to wear for your shoot. In fact, why pick just the one? During our boudoir shoots you get three outfit changes, so you can make the most of your favourite pieces and capture them all on camera. Try to pick a range of colours – blacks, reds and pinks work really well and offer the perfect colours for a boudoir shoot.

Get glam!

There’s no better feeling than when you’re looking your best and are your most glamourous self. Ahead of any boudoir shoot, it’s always ideal to have your hair and make-up professionally done as not only will these make your images look amazing, but it will also help you feel like a goddess. Before your shoot with us at Chique, you’ll spend time with our beauty experts who will give you a makeover that you’ll absolutely love. Your hair will be oozing with glamour and your face will be shimmering with beauty – creating the most stunning pictures!

Pick the perfect soundtrack

There’s nothing like listening to your favourite music to help you feel positive and upbeat. Pick a soundtrack filled with music that you love that you can listen to during your boudoir photoshoot. Go for empowering female artists that will help you unleash your inner confidence and feel your most glamourous. Not only will listening to music help you feel great, but it will also help you move more freely and naturally as you can almost dance along to your favourite tunes and let us capture all of your best angles.

Communicate with your photographer

At Chique our main focus, other than creating stunning pictures, is to ensure all of our clients are comfortable and at ease during their shoots. If at any point during your boudoir photoshoot you feel uncomfortable – all you need to do is let your photographer know. On camera, it will show if you feel not quite yourself or slightly uncomfortable and that’s the last thing we want! Make sure you let them know what you want to achieve from your shoot and keep speaking to them throughout to ensure that your boudoir photoshoot is incredibly successful.

Plan your poses

We know that not everyone is a natural in front of the camera and that’s nothing to worry about! A top tip to help you feel more relaxed and prepared is to plan your poses beforehand. Think about the angles you like most or would like us to capture before your shoot. That way when you get in front of the camera, you’ll have a starting point of what to do. But don’t worry, if you’re stuck for ideas, our team will of course guide you throughout!

Always accessorise!

Before your shoot, definitely think about what accessories will work well with your outfit choices. Bring along a range of items such as pearls, long necklaces, statement earrings, hats, fishnets or stockings. Having a variety will be great for you to choose from on the day and will allow you to pick pieces that complement each outfit. Don’t forget the high heels – these will extend your leg length making them look even sexier on camera!

Avoid beauty treatments before a shoot

As much as a good tan and a wax can help you feel that extra bit confident – it’s not recommended that you do either for at least two-three days before your shoot. This is for a few reasons. Fake tan can look really orange on camera and can also look patchy on your skin – which is not what you want to see in your photos. Waxing can also cause blotchiness and redness to the skin if it is irradiated and although this may not be visible in person, the camera will pick this up. So, it’s best to avoid any beauty treatments like these ahead of your boudoir shoot.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water

It’s always a good idea to drink lots of water before a boudoir photoshoot as it helps to give your skin a natural glow. This will make your skin look much more flattering on camera and will help with any redness that may come through. At Chique we also provide you with a glass of fizz on arrival to help calm any nerves and also just as a little treat ahead of your shoot. As tempting as it may be to relax, it’s recommended that you do not drink anymore than this one glass!

Try your best to relax and enjoy yourself!

The Chique experience is all about making you feel glamourous and confident and capturing stunning photos you can keep forever. Our team are on hand to ensure that you have everything you need to help you feel at ease, and most importantly – have an amazing enjoyable experience. We know that nerves are normal, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The best thing you can do is try relax and embrace your inner confidence!

Find out more about our boudoir photoshoots, and get in touch with our team today to book yours here.

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